Evergro Tree, Shrub & Hedge Food (2kg or 10kg)


Formulated Especially for evergreens: High Nitrogen to promote rich green foliage.


This nitrogen-rich fertilizer is exclusively designed for optimum feeding, and growth of deciduous , and evergreen plantings.

The added magnesium and iron promote strong, healthy growth.

Proper feeding will help increase stress tolerance and maintain stability in adverse conditions.


The 75% of nitrogen that is derived from slow release polymer urea,  and will provide even feeding/growth for 8-10 weeks. Use at least 3 times per season from spring through summer. Make the last application no later than late July, to help plants withstand the stress of winter.



Measure out 250 grams of fertilizer per 2.5cm (1″) of trunk diameter. For example, a tree with a 10cm (4″) trunk will require 1 kg of fertilizer.

Apply in a 60cm (2′) band around the dripline of the tree, and water thoroughly. NOTE: the dripline is the area directly beneath the outer most leaves of the tree.

Repeat fertilizer application every 8-10 weeks, throughout the spring and summer.


Shrubs are woody plants that usually increase in size by growing new wood from older wood, as well as by extending new stems from the plant’s base. In contrast to a typical tree that grows a single trunk, and branches out higher up. Apply fertilizer in the same way as for TREES.


Measure the height and length of the hedge.

Height x length x 50 grams (fertilizer)

For example, a hedge that is 2 m high and 10m long (roughly 6 feet by 30 feet), will require 1 kg of fertilizer

Use half this amount on each side of the hedge, applying evenly in 60cm (2 feet) wide bands for the entire length of the hedge

Water in thoroughly

Repeat fertilizer application every 8-10weeks


This special fertilizer releases nutrients steadily over an 8-10 week period, so it is constantly nourishing your trees, and plants during this time

Always water thoroughly after fertilizng

The best time to prune a tree or clip a hedge is very early in spring or before the plant comes out of dormancy.