Evergro Turf Starter: 15-30-10 (2kg or 10kg)


Specially blended fertilizer provides the optimum well balanced nutrition for new lawns from seed or sod.

40% of the nitrogen supplied by  long-lasting slow release polymer coated urea-for even feeding to the seed as it germinates, and to the sod as it starts to grow.

High phosphorus content promotes healthy root development-enables lawns to tolerate stress from heat, drought, weeds, and disease.

WHEN TO USE:  Use Evergro Turf Starter on your soil just prior to seeding or laying sod. Apply in late spring or early fall at the rate of 2kg  per 100m squared (1000sq. ft). A second application of Turf Starter fertilizer can be made after 3 mowings.



Measure the area to be seeded or sodded by pacing the length and width of the new lawn area. (Area= length x width). For a larger or irregularly shaped property, divide the area into smaller sections, for ease of measuring, and applying the fertilizer.


Fill your spreader with the gate of the spreader closed. Apply the fertilizer at the rate of 2kg per 100m squared. Apply carefully, and it is better to under-apply rather than over-apply.


Distribute fertilizer evenly over the area to be sodded, or seeded, and work it into a a depth of about 10cm (4″). Spread fertilizer back and forth in one direction, using half the required amount. Apply the second half in a direction at the right right angles to the first half. Please refer to diagram below.



Apply sod or seed and distribute any excess fertilizer evenly over the new turf or seeded area. After laying the sod or seed, carefully roll or compact into the soil. Water immediately, and regularly with an even sprinkling system. OR, after seeding, rake lightly to incorporate the seed into the top 0.5cm (1/4″) of soil. Instead raking, you may cover the seed lightly with extra soil or peat moss. Keep seedbed moist by applying a fine spray regularly, but avoid puddling.