Services for Landscapers

Southwest Garden Supplies caters to independent landscapers, by providing competitive prices for materials ranging from plants, soil, to bulk aggregate/sand products.
There is flexibility when choosing how much product to purchase, and with which method to transport the materials to the job site. There is also a wide selection of gardening tools and accessories available to purchase.

We Offer Landscapers

Reduced Pricing

Most bulk materials, and plants can be purchased at discounted prices for landscapers.

A variety of Plants

There is a wide selection of plants available for purchase. Trees to pass city requirements are available. Plants range from annuals, perennials, shrubs, trees, and vegetables (during season)

Delivery/Rent/Bin Service

Landscapers have the option of having material delivered. They can also rent a lawn roller, gas compactor, as well as a hand tamper. As per bin service, landscapers can have a bin dropped off at the job site for disposal of clean dirt (no rocks, grass, leaves etc), and concrete (no mesh or rebar).


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