What Gardeners Can Expect

Southwest Garden Supplies is open to the wholesale market; providing a comprehensive selection of plants ranging from cedars, perennials, annuals, deciduous/evergreen trees, and shrubs. There is also a selection of different soils, bark, and gravel products. We offer flexibility regarding how much, and with which method the gardeners take their selection of bulk materials. Choose from wide selection of materials, with competitive prices.

We Offer Gardeners


Customers have the option to have bulk products delivered to their home or job
sight. Bulk products encompass soil, manure, bark, gravel, sand, as well as plants. Split loads are also
available. However, the quantity of each product (2 products max for split load) will vary depending on its
weight. Deliveries are flexible and competitive.

Rental Service

A gas compactor, hand tamper, and lawn roller are available for rent. The rent
rates for these tools/machines are economical, making completing jobs (big or small) easier.

Bin Service

Bin service for the disposal of clean dirt (no rocks, grass, or leaves), as well
as clean concrete (not rebar–reinforcing bar, or mesh) is available.


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