• Sometimes people find mushrooms growing in their gardens/lawns. Surprising, they do not necessarily mean any harm
  • According to Dunham, they are the reproductive parts of fungi, and may be indicative of soil that is healthy for the trees, and plants (Scott, 2011)
  • Fungi, and bacteria are critical in soil because they decompose organic structures, of fats, proteins, and carbohydrates, so that they can be utilized by organisms in the soil (Scott, 2011)
  • Dunham says that plants are dependent on bacteria and fungi to digest nutrients that they consume. They then, provide the organisms that reside in the soil with sugars that are produced during photosynthesis (Scott, 2011)
  • When observing below the mushrooms, one will find that there exist networks of hyphae that resemble threads. Some of these attach themselves to the roots, of plants, to increase their surface area. Together, the hyphae, attached to the roots are called mycorrhizal filaments (Scott, 2011)
  • The mycorrhizal filaments are also protective against soil-borne pathogens, in that they act as a barrier, holding the pathogens back. They also offer protection fro root diseases (Scott, 2011)
  • According to Dunham, plants ranging from rhododendrons, madrone trees, to annuals, perennials, turf grasses, fruit trees, nut trees, orchids and more rely on the activity of fungi (Scott, 2011)
  • Regardless of the fact that mushrooms provide benefits, due to aesthetic appeal, or concern for children, and pets, people may not want the mushrooms to remain on their lawn or garden (Scott, 2011)
    • In this case, all that needs be done is to rake them from the garden or lawn. However, new mushrooms will grow very quickly, because they develop new fruiting bodies (mushrooms) in a few days or less.
    • Fungicide chemicals may not work because fungus mycelium (mass of hyphae), could be approximately a few feet underneath the soil (Scott, 2011)
    • Eventually, the mushrooms will stop growing. They hyphae however, will continue to live underneath the soil, for approximately a year.


Scott, J. (2011, March 11). Mushrooms Can Mean Healthy Soil. [Article]. Retrieved



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