Engaged with the Community

Southwest Garden Supplies, works with community organizations including schools, day cares, hospices, and etcetera, to find optimal solutions for their landscape/garden needs.

We Offer Community Organizations

A Wide Selection of Products, Including Bulk Materials and Plants

Southwest Garden Supplies has a wide range of products available to purchase. These range from several different types of soil, bark, gravel, and sand. There is also a variety of plants available to choose from.

Flexible Pricing

NGOs, schools, day cares, religious institutions and other not-for-profit organizations are welcome. The staff at Southwest Garden Supplies will work with organizations to find optimal solutions for their gardening/landscaping needs.

Open Throughout the Year

Southwest Garden Supplies is open throughout the year, excluding statutory holidays, and the standard holidays in the winter. We offer our services in a flexible manner, in terms of: what product is needed, how much, and when the product is needed.


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