Gardening and Landscaping for Do-It-Yourselfers

The landscape/garden jobs that seem overwhelming, complicated, or expensive, are made just the opposite, at Southwest Garden Supplies. Choose from products ranging from bulk materials like soil, to plants, and garden tools; all in one place. With an extensive home-owner/do-it-yourself customer base, we provide an excellent, and informative environment for meeting landscape/garden needs.

We Offer DIYers

Simple Ergonomic Hand Tools

There is a wide selection of hand tools available for purchase. These hand tools range from pruners to hand saws. Competitively priced, and easy to use tools make completing a home project easier, and less stressful.


We offer a delivery service for customers that cannot transport the material themselves. Customers can take up to two products (quantity depends on weight) in one load.



Customers can fill bags of material (bags provided by Southwest Garden Supplies) themselves. There is a sale for bags of soil, manure, and regular bark! Come in to take advantage! There is also flexibility with how much customers can purchase. Quantities range from pails, bags, garbage cans, to yards.


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