Services for Contractors

Contractors' projects are demanding, and there is an expectation of competitive prices with a wide selection of products. Southwest Garden Supplies caters to such projects, with an extensive variety of products, and methods with which contractors can choose and purchase materials.

We Offer Contractors


Contractors have the option to have bulk products delivered to their home or job sight. Bulk products encompass soil, manure, bark, gravel, sand, as well as plants. Split loads are also available. However, the quantity of each product (2 products max for split load) will vary depending on its weight. Deliveries are flexible and competitive.

One on One Attention

Contractors have unique and specific needs, for which the staff at Southwest Garden Supplies offer one-on-one service. Both contractors, and those at Southwest Garden Supplies work together to explore options and decide what option best fits the client’s needs.

Competitive Pricing for Plants

Southwest Garden Supplies sells trees that can be used to pass city requirements. As well as a variety of perennials, shrubs–both evergreen and deciduous, groundcover and more!


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