Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions


Do you have a Variety of Bulk Products to Choose from for Various Projects?

Yes, there is a wide range of bulk materials available to purchase; ranging from soils, gravels, to sands, and bark materials


Is there a Selection of Garden Tools Available, from which I can Choose from to Purchase

Yes, Southwest Garden Supplies is a vendor of a variety of garden/landscape tools. Materials range from landscape fabric, to pruners, loppers, and etcetera



I Do Not have a Pick-Up or Trailer; How Else Can I take the Bulk Product that I Want?

Southwest is flexible with how clients can purchase the amount of material required for their projects. Methods of purchasing/transporting materials range from filling garbage cans, bags, and pails.


Is There a Time in the Year, You are not open?

We are closed on statutory holidays. With exception of the April long weekend

Starting November 01-February 28, we are closed on Sundays

We are also closed on Christmas Week.


Are You Open to the Public

Yes, we cater to both wholesale, and retail clientele


Artificial Turf is a new and upcoming alternative for gardeners, are you a supplier of such a product?

Southwest Garden Supplies is a vendor of Bella Turf. They are provider of excellent quality artificial turf products. Therefore, at Southwest, clients have a variety of artificial turf products from which they can make their selection.

Delivery Questions


Do you have a delivery Service Available?

Yes, we deliver bulk materials, as well as plants


What is the Minimum Amount of material Required for Delivery

TheĀ  minimum, unless otherwise discussed in a half a yard of bulk materials


What if I need more than one product delivered?

If purchased at certain quantities (due to weight distribution on the truck), we can deliver two products in one of our trucks at once. This is will be for an extra $20.00. Instead of paying for an entire delivery fee to get two products delivered, customers pay a delivery fee, plus the $20.00.

Rentals Questions


What Machinery do You Have Available for Rent?

As of now, there is a mini Walker Neuson excavator, hand lawn roller, gas compactor, and a hand tamper, available for rent

Bin Service Questions

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