Bone Meal 2-14-27 (2kg or 10kg)


A granular, organic source of minerals


An organic nutrient source for use on roses, trees, evergreens, shrubs, bulbs, as well as for composts

An all-organic content to promote healthy growth and strong root development

High in phosphorous calcium content-ideal for transplanting

A granular formulation for easy, dust-free applications


Use Evergro Bone  Meal at least twice a year around the base of roses, perennials, and shrubs

Recommended for use in the fall when planting bulbs

Always use when transplanting-mixed with an equal amount of fertilizer containing nitrogen, phosphorous, and potash, for faster root growth

Mix in with well-rotted compost material

Use as part of a complete Evergro fertilizer program


BULBS: before planting, Evergro Bone Meal can be spread over the entire planting area, using 2kg per 10 meters squared. OR in individual planting holes, using a small handful (30g) per hole. Cover with 2.5cm (1″) of soil before adding bulbs

Plant bulbs with pointed ends up. Refer to the bulb planting instructions for correct depth and distance apart.

Use Evergro Bone Meal once early each spring for feeding established bulbs. Spread 2kg per 10 meters squared, and incorporate lightly into the soil.

Water Thoroughly

PLANTS: When planting (or transplanting) plants, shrubs, flowers, trees,¬† and etc, apply Evergro Bone Meal to the soil, and mix it thoroughly into the top 10cm (4″) of soil

PREPARED BEDS – Measure plant bed area (length x width), and apply Evergro Bone Meal at 2kg per 10 meter squared

INDIVIDUAL PLANTS – Use 30g (1 small handful) for small plants and up to 60g (1 large handful) for larger plants

Add the correct transplanting fertilizer and water well.

A complete fertilizer is a plant food which feeds the entire plant, and promotes growth, while Bone Meal specifically feeds the root system, and helps to establish strong and healthy roots

When transplanting, handle plants very carefully. Don’t use a tree or bush trunk as a handle ; carry the plant from the bottom

Place the entire root ball (burlap and all) into the prepared soil. Loosen the string and burlap around the base of the plant’s , trunk and cover with soil.

For an excellent soil mix, add Evergro Bone Meal to well-rotted compost material, about 2kg per 70 litres, or 0.07meters squared (2.5 feet squared)