Vegetable & Tomato Food 10-15-19 (2kg)


For tasty vegetables, and healthy  abundant yields; has special nutrients for plump, juicy tomatoes.

Evergro Vegetable and tomato Food Features:

An outstanding blend of organically based nutrients, formulated to promote vigorous, healthy growth, healthy root systems, and bountiful harvests in the vegetable garden.

Specially designed to meet the specific growing needs of vegetables and tomatoes, this high analysis plant food features extra nutrients essential to the plant’s fruit production and growth.

High in potash for strong stems (i.e. tomatoes), and for aiding in the ripening and development of vegetables.


Use on complete garden area before planting or during planting on individuals transplants, and/or rows of seed.

Fertilize again, 6-8 weeks after planting


Before planting vegetables, prepare soil, and apply Vegetable and Tomato Food, using the following guidelines:

Prepare soil as required. Apply dolomite lime, if soil is acidic, and work in manure to increase organic content  (Please see lime package for specific rates of application).

Measure area (length x width), and spread fertilizer evenly at the rate of 1kg per 10m squared  (105 square feet), using a broadcast spreader, or by hand.

Work into the top 10cm (4″) of soil, and water thoroughly


For established plants, or when fertilizing during the planting time, these steps apply:

PLANTS:  Fertilize individual transplants with 1 small handful (30g) of fertilizer per plant.

Distribute evenly around the plant and work lightly into the to 2.5cm (1″) of soil.

Water well

SEEDS: Before planting seeds, apply fertilizer at the  rate of 1 small handful (30g) per meter of row.

Apply between the rows, and work into the soil. Plant seeds, and water in well, without flooding.

Fertilize again in mid-season (June/July), using the same ratio.