Chafer Resistant Lawn Mix



Seeding rate:  8-12lb per 1000 square feet

98% Turf Type Tall Fescue

2% Micro Clover

Comes in a 2kg (4.4lb) bag


Microclover is used on sports field and awn areas

It is low maintenance and of high quality

This seed (Trifolium repens) is a legume that can fix nitrogen from the air. This N-fixation takes place in root nodules that are formed by the symbiotic Rhizobium bacteria. The continuous process of parts of their root dying and then degenerating means that the accumulated nitrogen is made available to the surrounding grass plants. Microclover also produces stolons so that it can spread itself evenly over your lawn. Microclover is shade tolerant, does not colonize, and greatly reduces weed pressures. It does require the same amount of mowing, yet stays green without irrigation, and greatly reduces fertilizer applications.

Microclover greatly improves the wear tolerance of lawns. Lawns with Microclover need less fertilizer, and maintenance in general while looking natural and sustainable. It is suggested to overseed Microclover after aeration.

Microclover remains greener much longer than grasses do in drought conditions. Swards containing Microclover are brighter, green earlier, and later in the year. It has a good summer colour, as it is particularly resistant to drought, because of its deep rooting system.

Microclover will be thick and green throughout the growing season, but will become dormant and brown throughout the winter, and may appear to be dead. Therefore, this mix of Chafer Resistant Lawn Mixture, made up of Essential Tall Fescue, will ensure that the lawn will have a green winter cover. When the the Microclover returns with the spring warmth, even with a grass and clover mixture, the lawn will appear to be completely full of clover.

Essentail tall fescue has been shown to be the most tolerant of chafer grub feeding. Essential tall fescue has deeper roots and is more drought tolerant than other turf grasses, once established.