Bulb Food 3-15-8 (2kg)


For strong, healthy bulbs, and rich vibrant blossoms. With extra phosphorous for active root systems.


An excellent blend of nutrients to promote lovely blossoms in the spring…as well as bulbs capable of storing food and energy over the winter.

Extra high in phosphorous for a strong bulb and root system….and good potash level to ensure vigor and disease resistance.


Recommended for use in the fall when planting bulbs, supplemented by an equal amount of Evergro Bone Meal.

Fertilize with Evergro Bulb Food again in the spring when bulbs start to come up

Bulbs can be planted from September to December, or until heavy frost hardens the ground


Dig: Either dig holes for each bulb using a bulb planter, or prepare a bed for a cluster of bulbs (choose an area with a well-draining soil)

Bulb food can be used on entire planting bed before planting. Use 2kg per 13 meter squared, or in individual holes, usingĀ  30g, (one small handful). Cover with 2.5 cm of soil, before adding bulbs

Plant bulbs with pointed ends up . Refer to the bulb planting instructions for correct depth and distance apart

Cover with soil, and water.


For feeding established bulbs, in early spring, spread 2kg per 10 meter squared, and incorporate lightly into soil. Water thoroughly

It is advisable to give your bulbs repeat applications of Bulb Food. Spread 1kg per 10 meters squared,each month from early spring until the foliage turn yellow. Water Well


Bulbs also enjoy organic nourishment that Bone Meal offers. When, first planting bulbs in the fall -OR- for established plants’ first feeding in the spring-mix equal amounts of Bone Meal with Bulb Food and apply to plants.

Bulbs do best in full sun, but can also be planted in partial or full shade

After flowering, do not remove leaves until they have died, back completely and can be cut off easily