• Herbs like full sun as well as lightweight, well draining soil. The soil should retain moisture and be high in organic matter
  • Annual and biennial herbs like basil, coriander, dill and parsley can be sown in the spring, and then throughout the season with intervals of three weeks up until August.  
  • The cuttings of shrubby herbs like hyssop, sage, rosemary, and thyme should be taken in late spring
  • Hardy herbs should be divided like oregano, mint, marjoram, and thyme in spring or in late summer after flowering


  • In the cold months, sow basil in a sunny windowsill or greenhouse. However, basil can be sown directly into the garden soil after May. Once the seeds have germinated more basil can sown to maintain supply


  • Take semi-ripe cuttings when it is late summer or the beginning of August
  • dividing the suckers in spring is also possible 


  • Seeds should be sown in early autumn or spring in pots or in the garden soil


  • Once the soil is 10°C, sow the seeds outside in early to late spring


  • When bottom heat of the propagator reaches 18°C of the propagator , sow 10-15 seeds per 3cm module 
  • the bulb clumps can be divided in spring or fall


  • Sow directly into the soil garden in the spring. Once germinated, more can be sown


  • Place in poor outdoor soil, but not deep into the soil. The seedlings should be planted at 20cm apart. If sowed repeated every three weeks  yields a constant amount of the herb
  • should be divided in spring
  • the seeds should be sown lightly on the surface of compost in the spring
  • softwood cuttings should be taken in the summer


  • Softwood cuttings are to be taken in summer
  • They should be divided in the spring
  • The runners should be planted 5 cm (2 inches) deep and 6-9 inches apart


  • Seeds should be sown when the bottom heat of the propagator (what it is growing in) reaches 18°C, or when it is late spring. 
  • The seeds should be sown 1/4 inch deep in a rich soil. 
  • Parsley germinates slowly and the seed used should be fresh. 
  • if planted again during the late spring and late summer, a healthy supply can be made possible
  • Semi-ripe cuttings should be taken in late summer


  • softwood cuttings can be taken in early summer (6 inches)
  • The seeds can be sown win spring and then covered with perlite. A bottom heat of 15°C is helpful


  • It is difficult to propagate tarragon with softwood cuttings during the summer.
  • Root cuttings can be used in the spring after the frost has stopped
  • Mature plants should be divided every two to three years


  • Softwood cuttings should be taken in late spring or summer at 2-3 inches
  • In mid spring the seeds can be sown indoors
  • Because thyme has a tendency to become woody very quickly, it is a good idea to replace the plant every two to three years. 

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